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Advanced Course

🇮🇳 Rs. 20000 / 🌎 420$

Already have a basic understanding of guitar and theory?  Take the Advanced Guitar course to climb up your skill ladder! If you are aware of the most basic concepts, you could qualify for the advanced course after completing an audition. If you already play for a band and are looking to do music professionally, this course will help you fine-tune your skills. The course will also be customised to suit your playing style!
Gear up and get ready to learn about chords and scale relationships. Learn more styles of music like finger-picking, blues, and country. We’ll also teach you cool techniques to help you rock solos.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to

  • Play advanced chords, rhythms, and riffs.

  • Play guitar solos

  • Recognise and play different styles of music

  • Compose your very own arrangement

  • Use processors and guitar rigs, and make your guitar sound incredible. 

  • Take your ear training skills and musical concepts to the next level. 

  • Learn cool techniques like sliding and bending.


Advanced Rhythm exercises

  • Playing different time signatures, on and off count patterns using a metronome

  • Mastering the swung and straight rhythm feel.

Music composition and songwriting

  • How to place a hook, a solo, a melody line, and a harmony

  • Syncing lyrics to a tune

  • Song structure

Scales and modal theory

  • In this, we not only look at how they are played but also an understanding of its usage in composition and improvisation


  • Advanced Ear training

  • Understanding the role of a guitarist


  • Learning riffs, licks and progressions of great songs

  • Chord extensions and their use in modern music

  • Functioning and Static dominants

  • Understanding and using Chord inversions in compositions

  • How to get a good tone out of your instrument

  • Playing with Dynamics

  • Alternate picking; Hybrid picking; Tremolando picking

  • Left and right hand coordination

Soloing skills

An understanding of phrasing and different approaches. Hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, legato, vibrato, harmonics and pinch harmonics, string skipping and tapping, arpeggios, sweep picking, shredding, hybrid/economy picking, usage of a tremolo/ whammy bar

  • Improvising bass riffs in the left hand using only two or three notes

  • Using a predetermined series of chord changes, and improvising to create new melodies and harmonies

  • Jamming to a constant riff in the bass line

  • Rearranging popular songs.

Usage of processors and guitar rigs

  • Delay, chorus, flanger, octave, fuzz, distortion, overdrive, wah, stomp boxes, compression, gate, drive, EQ

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