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10 INSTANT Melody Writing STRATEGIES for Piano Players & Producers - Conventional & Extraordinary

Here are 10 strategies to instantly create melodies using Music Theory, Chord progressions, and also some rather unconventional tricks which will get you creating music in no time!

00:00 Performance

00:22 Introduction

01:10 Use a minimum of 2 chords (Cadences)

03:16 The chords are the Melody

06:16 Landing & Passing Notes

10:01 Rhythm to Melody

12:23 Displacement of the Beats

16:03 The “Anything goes” Pentatonic

18:09 Sing & Transcribe (Ear Training)

20:27 Patterns & Shapes

22:34 Subset Scales (Janya)

25:42 “Ripping off” your favorite songs- Uptown Funk

28:02 Conclusion

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