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5 GROOVY Strumming Patterns for Acoustic Guitar you MUST KNOW (Advanced)

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In this Acoustic Guitar lesson, we go through 5 must know strumming patterns that I think are the best for a beginner or even an intermediate/advanced player and essential to play genres like Reggae, Rock, Folk, and Funk music. We use Sixteenth note and Swing patterns with Ghost notes (muted). In this lesson, we use simple Eighth (8th) notes and practice up & down stroke rhythm patterns with a variety of accents, ghost notes as well as “snare’ drum” like percussion! 00:00 Performance 00:18 Introduction 02:51 Pattern 1 09:16 Pattern 2 13:34 Pattern 3 18:36 Pattern 4 21:56 Pattern 5 26:20 Conclusion

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