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5 of the VERY BEST Left Hand Accompaniment Patterns for Piano

In this Piano Accompaniment lesson, we look at 5 Left-Hand bass rhythm patterns which can embellish any melody in the right hand and transform what you might already know with chord playing into something professional. We focus on a variety of genres and musical moods to develop patterns for all occasions and scenarios - Movie Theme Songs, Groovy music, Dance music, Lounge Piano music, and what we call the “Magic Arpeggio”

00:00 Performance

00:53 Introduction

03:21 Spread Voicing for Chords

06:50 Root with 5th Toggle

09:22 LHMH with Pedal and Pinky Hold (The Magic Arpeggio)

12:15 Groove with Tresillo

14:24 Chords with Pedal and Deep Bass (Lounge Piano)

16:16 Putting it all together with “Twinkle”

20:03 Conclusion

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