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Advanced Piano Chords - SUSPENDED, SLASH, QUARTAL & DIMINISHED 7th over MINOR Progressions (3 of 6)

Learn how to use advanced chords - Suspended, slash, quartal voicing & diminished 7th on the Piano over the Pre Dominant chord of Minor progressions. In PART 3 of our 6-part series of Exploring the “Minor Chord Progression”, we focus our attention on the usage of Suspended chords, which are various pre-dominant chord options to lead to the Dominant chord. Starting with the conventional Sus4, we dive deep into various flavors of the Suspended chord keeping the Bass note, anticipating the Dominant root, the same

00:00 Introduction to Sus chord usage

01:49 The Sus 2 + 4 version

02:21 Using the 7Sus4 chord

02:53 Slash chords with a different bass (A)

04:26 Forming Quartal chords

05:57 Diminished 7th chords (The ultimate Gateway!)

07:38 Moving forward to the DOMINANT (Part 4)

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