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Andalusian Cadence - Theory & Piano Rhythm Patterns (Part 1)

Andalusian Cadence - Theory & Piano Rhythm Patterns

Learn the Theory - Scales & Chords of one of the most popular chord progressions of all time, the Andalusian Cadence. In this chapter, we learn about the chords & inversions on the Piano and the Theory behind the scales and the progression uses. We then look at practicing the chord progression with simple block rhythm patterns and arpeggios. Also, covered in this tutorial is the process of improvisation and an exciting call and response section at the very end which is designed for you to play along with Jason Zac

00:00 Performance

00:21 Introduction

03:13 Andalusian cadence chords & inversions

04:21 Theory of the Harmonic and Natural minor

05:59 Practicing the Andalusian Chords on piano

06:57 Basic piano rhythm patterns

07:59 Adding Swing with Ghost notes

08:54 Arpeggios with Feel

10:50 Improvisation with Harmonic & Minor Blues

14:40 Call and response Jam

TWO HANDED Melodic Piano Arpeggios using the Andalusian Cadence (Part 2)

Learn how to play Arpeggios in both hands with pretty much every time signature (meter) with a unique two-handed technique. We first learn 2 patterns on 4/4, then move to 3/4 and other odd-meters including 5/8 & 7/8. Stay tuned till the end of the lesson to learn a movie-theme style Melody on 7/8 composed by Jason Zac.

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00:00 Performance

00:12 Introduction

01:10 4/4 Two-handed arpeggios

04:20 3/4 Two-handed arpeggios

04:51 Odd Meter Arpeggios

05:43 Piano Arpeggios with Melody

07:15 Customised 7/8 Arpeggios

08:42 Revision of Part 2

The Left Hand Arpeggio which works for EVERY SITUATION using the Andalusian Cadence

Learn the ultimate Left-Hand arpeggio piano pattern which can be used for almost any musical situation. We base the pattern from the Andalusian Cadence - Dm C Bb A and start to develop some melodic ideas and improvise in the Right Hand.

00:00 Performance

00:31 Introduction

01:26 Andalusian Cadence

02:00 The Arpeggio Pattern

04:05 Correct Fingering for Left Hand

05:05 Captivating Right Hand Melody

06:22 Jason goes a bit “out-of-script” and improvises

TWO HANDED Piano Arpeggios with Melody (Andalusian Cadence)

Using all the contrasting elements which the Piano has to offer, we play two arpeggios together in both hands and then develop an epic Melody using simple improvisation concepts.

6 of the MOST Popular Rhythm Patterns over i VIIb VIb V

Learn how to play a variety of Popular songs and rhythm patterns on the Piano which use the Andalusian Cadence - i VIIb VIb V. You will learn the Left Hand Bass and the Right Hand chord comping for all these 6 songs and also how to use it in your own music and other songs!

TWO Flamenco Piano Rhythm Patterns using the Andalusian Cadence

Learn 2 popular Flamenco styles on the Piano using a popular Spanish chord progression, the Andalusian Cadence. The first style uses Syncopation with a percussion like approach and the second style is inspired from a standard Flamenco Guitar style which you have to learn on the Piano!

COMPOSE Epic MOVIE Theme Scores on the Piano using TWO Strategies

Learn how to compose movie theme music on the Piano with 2 simple but creative melodic and harmonic techniques. The whole lesson uses the Andalusian Cadence - i VIIb VIb V. Using Dynamics, we develop many moods and environments around our movement.

3 FUNKY Piano Rhythm Patterns using a POPULAR Chord Progression

In this Funk Piano lesson, we look at 2 incredible Sixteenth note syncopated rhythm patterns (1/16th) which you can use for any form of groovy, disco, reggae or even EDM music. Stay tuned till the end where we have a BONUS pattern which is inspired from the song “Big in Japan” by Alphaville.


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