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BASS Lines along with BROKEN Chords - Left Hand Piano

Learn how to create Bass lines on the Piano along with Broken Chords. In this lesson, we learn two techniques that can be used for a variety of music including Blues & Rock. Keep the pattern steady while improvising a melody in the Right Hand 00:00 Performance 00:14 Introduction to Broken LH patterns

01:18 The two patterns over the G minor chord 02:40 Dynamics using “Oom-Pah!”

04:13 Bring in the Right Hand Melody (Independence) 07:11 Chord with Bass Line (Root & Fifth Toggle) 09:36 Line Cliche Bass movement 11:38 Oom-Pah! Recap 12:21 The Role of Left Hand Piano - Drum & Bass

13:14 Let’s Jam Along!

15:31 ONE MORE LH broken chord technique

16:18 Swing Feel for broken chords 17:17 Developing “Thematic” lines

18:05 Revision

19:53 Conclusion

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