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Chord Progressions with JUST ONE CHORD on the Piano! (Major/Minor)

A detailed exploration of Piano Chord Progressions with just one chord, either Major or Minor. Using the scale and bass movement, we look at various rhythm patterns on the Piano. Also, included in the lesson are various improvisation & composition examples which you should use in your music

00:00 Performance

01:00 Lesson Introduction

02:55 C major and its inversions

04:16 Left Hand Slash Chords

7:00 The Bass Exploration

8:45 Ballad Piano Style

11:28 Song Arrangement around the Major Chord

13:44 Static Minor Chord

14:03 Minor Performance

16:04 The “Hybrid” Minor scale

19:15 The Minor Arrangement

20:49 Improvisation

21:29 Rhythmic Variations

22:57 Conclusion


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