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Coloring the TONIC Minor for a Hopeful & Open-Ended sound (5 of 6)

In PART 5 of our 6-part series of Exploring the “Minor Chord Progression”, we explore various possibilities of coloring the TONIC chord (which is minor). We use Minor Major 7s, Line cliche movements, a hopeful sounding major twist, a “climbing” slash chord usage over the rather long minor tonic and we conclude with an “open-ended” sound to create a curious conclusion. 00:00 Performance

00:39 Introduction to the TONIC goals

02:10 Functional Harmony Progression (Recap)

02:54 Minor Major 7 & Minor 6th Colour

04:26 Minor 7th chord with Line Cliche movement

05:56 Jazz Tensions (9s & 11s)

07:16 The “Hopeful” Minor

08:51 Creating a “Lydian” Vibe

9:48 What is a “Lydian” scale

10:28 The “Climbing” Tonic minor

14:15 “Open-Ended” Tonic minor? (The Fall)

16:34 Revision & Moving forward for the “Brave New World”

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