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Creating Beautiful MINOR Chord Progressions (Part 1 of 6)

Learn how to create beautiful minor chord progressions on the Piano which sound mournful, thematic, brave, epic, and everything in between with our 6-part series. In PART 1, we will learn the Theory of Functional Harmony and use it over the minor scale chord progression. We’ll also learn about using the two minor scales - Natural & Harmonic minor in Parallel and borrow chords from each other depending on our requirement. Jason has also composed a melody (inspired by one of the on-going riffs of course!) which you can use and improvise over the entire lesson.

00:00 Performance

00:31 The Minor Progression

02:14 Functional Harmony

04:51 The 3 chords and their purpose

07:58 Let’s learn the Melody

08:52 Recap and Part 2


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