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Creative Odd Meter Practice | 5 Finger Piano Exercise | Jason Zac | 7/8

In this lesson, our Piano faculty, Jason Zac teaches a useful 5 finger exercise using the notes A, B, C, D & E on 4/4 meter and then moves to practice Odd Time with numerous variations. The tutorial has 3 parts which cover different aspects of music practice including Melodic and Rhythmic patterns Download FREE notation from the lesson here: After this, we explore other "odd" time signatures/meters like 7/8 and 5/8 with sub beat variations using the same ordering of notes.

Jason covers the following chapters in this detailed Tutorial * Take a 4/4 Common Time exercise and make it "Odd" by using sub beats * Explore ALL the rhythmic phrases which can be built out of a 7/8 meter keeping the note pattern intact ABCDEDCB

* Develop NEW melodic patterns by displacing the starting note of the bar and retaining the melodic movement

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