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Feeling the Groove | Piano Independence | Pulse, Salsa & Synopation

Presenting to you, a very exciting tutorial on Grooves and Rhythm patterns. In this tutorial, you will learn 5 exercises which will show you different types of rhythms and grooves by using clever combinations of beat divisions. You will also find the attractive Salsa groove along with the others. As a pianist or a keyboardist, these exercises will help you with hand independence and will help you develop a natural sense of pulse through the mind-body connection. Hope you enjoy learning with us! Here's a free PDF study guide for you to work on: Topics 1. Performance - 0:00 - 11:25 2. Left Hand and Right (hand sharing accents) - 11:25 - 15:28 3. Both hands play pattern together - 15:28 - 17:00 4. Left-hand plays pulse while right-hand plays pattern - 17:00 - 23:10 5. Left-hand plays 1/8th notes while right-hand plays pattern - 23:10 - 24:23 6. Left-hand plays Salsa while right-hand plays pattern - 24:23 - 27:40 7. How to feel the groove - 27:40 - 32:05 Learn about Spread Voicings: Introduction to Chord Inversions:

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