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GROWING Hand Independence on Piano with Melody in Right Hand & MULTIPLE Chord Patterns in Left Hand

🎼 Download the Sheet music & MIDI file for all the notated variations mentioned step by step on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/78401955?pr=true. Also, for 5$ you gain access to all the supplementary learning resources for my YouTube videos! In this Hand Independence Piano Exercise, we explore a variety of Left Hand Rhythm Patterns that can serve most melodies played in the Right Hand. We start with a steady pulse and move all the way to chord patterns and voicing of triads.

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Sephora  Harman
Sephora Harman
Aug 01, 2023

I have watched old videos and try to watch current ones as I receive notifications. To say that the incredible improvements of the videos are amazing along with the contents is moot since the school obviously made efforts in continuous improvements to the channel. Kudos to all the content creators involved on your channel.

While on the subject, I am equally impressed at Jason's transformation and the recent choices of wardrobe. It is true that presentation of oneself is important. At the beginning of my piano educational journey, I was only interested in the content, but I soon noticed that Jason was also changing and was losing weight. So, I retrieved old videos and I definitely saw the difference. …

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