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Hand Independence Exercises for Piano (using Sixteenth Notes) - PART 1

Develop hand independence for Piano with sixteenth-note exercises by Jason Zac. In this lesson, we learn a melody for the Right Hand and practice it with proper timing using the sixteenth note grid. The left hand maintains a steady pulse using an awesome chord progression.

00:00 Performance

00:23 Introduction

00:55 The Melody & Scale

01:54 How to count sixteenth notes

03:12 Playing the melody perfectly using the “Shaker”

04:54 Chords with Pulse in the Left Hand

05:40 Singing the Melody with Chords

07:10 Chords in Left hand and Melody in Right Hand

09:03 Additional Independence with the Voice

10:29 Build your melody on the hit points

12:05 Super Slow Version

13:17 Conclusion

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