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Hand Independence Exercises for Piano (using Sixteenth Notes) - PART 5

Develop hand independence for Piano with sixteenth-note exercises by Jason Zac. In this lesson, we use a Sixteenth note time feel and develop a syncopation between the two hands. This technique is very similar to a percussion instrument like the bongos or tabla. Both hands end up playing a unique 1/16th note pattern 00:00 Performance

00:42 Introduction to the series

01:32 Introduction to Syncopation (Part 5)

02:26 How to feel 1/6th notes (Revision)

03:29 How to approach Percussion

05:24 What is Syncopation?

06:25 The 4 chords and their formation (Inversions)

11:36 Planning for Left Hand Octaves and Fifths

14:38 Right Hand Rhythm Pattern

16:44 Left Hand Rhythm Pattern

18:50 Pulse in the Right Hand

19:37 Putting it all together

21:42 Revision

23:12 Super Slow Version

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