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Hand Independence Exercises for Piano (using Sixteenth Notes) - PART 6

► Support us on Patreon (5$) Develop hand independence for Piano with sixteenth-note exercises by Jason Zac. In this lesson, we use a Sixteenth note time feel and play the popular rhythm pattern “Tresillo” or “Pop Clave” in the left hand. Along with this, we play a simple melody in the right hand using a syncopated feel.

00:00 Performance 00:25 Introduction to the series

01:21 Introduction to Part 6

02:15 Demonstrating the Left-Hand Pattern

02:55 Counting the Tresillo

03:29 The left-hand chords

05:13 Fingering for the left-hand chords

05:40 Timing of the Chords

07:33 Playing as Staccato vs Legato & using the Pedal

08:43 Right Hand Ostinato Melody 10:34 Introduction to the “Dorian” Mode/Scale

11:42 Putting it all together

13:18 Revision

14:05 “Redemption” featuring the late Dennis Ostern

15:53 Super Slow Version

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