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How to make I V vi IV way more EXCITING on the PIANO 🎹 (5 methods + BONUS!)

The I V vi IV chord progression has inspired countless pop songs and piano players should definitely learn them well. In this lesson, we focus on how to make the tried and tested progression sound a lot more exciting using a bunch of Music Theory concepts like Passing Cadences, Line Cliches, Secondary Dominants, and various voicing techniques.

00:00 Performance

00:31 Introduction

02:05 Plagal Cadences Galore

04:16 Passing Bass (Line Cliches)

06:24 The “Epic” & EDM Cadences

08:34 Secondary Dominants

11:47 2ing the 5 and 5ing the 1

16:19 BONUS “Without Changing” - Voicing - Fifths, Extensions, Upper Structures, Spread Thirds, Adds & Suspended Chords

21:22 Conclusion

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