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How to make your LEFT Hand COOPERATE & Improve STRENGTH (5 Tips + 2 Bonus)

Improve your Left Hand strength, dexterity, and control on the Piano with 5 rather unorthodox but highly efficient tips by Jason Zac. Also, included are 2 more BONUS tips that you don’t want to miss 😁

0:00 Performance

0:10 Introduction

1:01 Bongos for Hand Interplay

4:18 Frame Drum

5:00 Shakers for Wrist control

7:15 Guitar or Bass for Finger & Forearm strength

10:56 “CopyCat” - Same RIFF in both hands

15:20 “Cut to the Chase” - Focus on the roles of the left hand

19:05 “Call & Response” with Arpeggios & Melodies

21:37 Start off with Left Hand!

26:39 BONUS: Physical strength with finger isolation

27:38 BONUS: Play some sports!

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