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How to Play Do-Re-Mi (The Sound of Music) - EASY Piano Tutorial

Learn the Melody & Chords of Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music on the Piano with Jason Zac presenting an easy-to-learn Tutorial. You'll start with the Melody and the proper fingering on the Key of Bb Major and then work towards Left-Hand Accompaniment with the Bass roots and then the chords with the correct voicing and use of inversions.

00:00 Performance

00:27 What you will learn in this series

02:14 Let’s get used to the Scale (Bb Major)

03:42 Let’s learn the Melody (Line by Line)

11:20 The Whole Melody (All together!)

12:54 Harmony & Chords

13:57 Left Hand Patterns

16:36 Left Hand Chord Progression with Inversions

19:08 Revision of the Lesson

20:45 Conclusion and planning for Part 2


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