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How To Play "Senorita" - Piano Tutorial Lesson + Sheets + Chords (Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello)

Learn 10 unique Piano Accompaniment techniques (Rhythm Patterns/Styles) for the song, Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabella taught by Jason Zac

The melody is played on various instruments and the lesson has the moving notation, piano highlighted notes as well as a slow version for easy learning

1. Syncopated - 00:00

A simple rhythm pattern with Root and 5th of the chord in the Left hand and the chord in the Right Hand

2. Spread Voicing - 01:23

Here’s a style of playing the song which works in a lot of modern Electronic music (EDM) Ballads and Hooks. This uses Spread Voicing. More on this topic covered here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buRLaRZGadk

3. Snare Arpeggios - 02:46

Use arpeggios in your Left Hand and end the phrase with a “Snare Hit” - Chord in the Right Hand

4. Guitar-Esque - 04:21

Copy the original version Guitar groove on the Piano with its own unique vibe

5. Accented Arpeggios - 05:47

The Right-hand plays arpeggios in accents of 7+9 while the LH keeps it simple with Chord Roots played as octaves

6. Flamenco - 07:13

Here’s some Spanish flavor on the Piano where you flam the chord in the RH and give it a “Flamenco” texture

7. Latin Pulse - 8:35

Play the chords as pulse in the Right Hand while the LH plays a super cool Latin bass line with spread voicing

8. Oom - Pah! - 09:59

A very popular rhythm, “Oom-Pah!” Is played in the Left Hand while the Right-hand plays a combination of chords and arpeggios with a spicy groove pattern

9. Melody Tease - 11:16

Bring out a hint of the Melody line in the Right Hand while the LH plays chords with a lot of dynamics. Volume control is something you need to hear in this lesson as well as the use of the sustain pedal

10. The Collage - 12:41

Play spread voicings as Pulse in the Left hand while the RH plays a bunch of fun stuff combining arpeggios and chords in an interesting off-beat Latin phrase

FREE Sheet music available here: http://bit.ly/2BIEB80

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