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How to PRACTICE Piano Scales with CREATIVITY

In this lesson series by Jason Zac (3 parts), we will learn how to practice piano scales using three of the most important technical aspects of Piano playing along with being creative while working on our technique. All the notes for our 3-part series can be downloaded here by supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/48980410

You will learn the exercises on both Major & Minor scales with the correct posture and fingering

Part 1 uses the “Compression-Expansion” technique which allows us to play linearly (melodically) as well as harmonically (chordal)

Part 2 uses the “Pendulum” concept of crossing over the fingers on both sides of the root. Thereby, creating melodic possibilities on both the positive & negative Y-axis (pitch)

Part 3 uses “Thirds” in various ascending & descending groupings to build a great creative practice approach on the Piano

These techniques are aimed at creating music instantly as well as working on sometimes forgotten Piano routines that need to be practiced by students of all levels.

00:00 - Performance

00:19 - Introduction to the series

01:54 - E major & E minor scales

03:00 - Importance of the 1 -3-5

04:19 - Technique 1 for Creative practice

06:04 - Expansion & Compression

06:25 - Pulse & speed variations

08:04 - Practicing on “Harmonic Minor”

09:29 - Creating “Themes” with the Bass

10:37 - Lesson Recap

11:39 - Conclusion and Part 2 & 3

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