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LEARN to Play ALL Major & Minor Piano Chords - TRIADS

Learn how to form and play all the 12 major & minor chords (triads) on the Piano using a variety of methods - Intervals, Shapes, Theory. Download my 20-page PDF for this lesson: https://www.patreon.com/posts/45962875 First, learn how a triad is built note by note using the 5ths via the Circle of Fifths. Also, get used to the sound of the fifth intervals. Then form the major and minor third. Another approach uses the unique shapes of each chord to visualize the notes.

00:00 - Building Triads (Major & Minor)

01:08 - D major & D minor triads

01:46 - Using the Circle of Fifths

02:24 - Hearing the 5th

02:54 - Forming the Thirds (Major & Minor)

04:20 - Chord Shapes (Major Triads)

09:14 - Chord Shapes (Minor Triads)

11:07 - Revision & Conclusion

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