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In this Theory Lesson by Jason Zac, we explore the importance of intervals while forming chords on the Piano - Triads & Sevenths. We start with the essential intervals - Perfect 5th (p5), Perfect 4th (p4), Major 3rd (M3) & Minor 3rd (m3) and use them to build the rest of the interval family. Using our knowledge of Intervals, we then form all the triads in music and extended harmony using seventh chords. This Theory lesson is supplemented by a booklet with numerous resources - Circle of Fifths, Interval Chart, Triad formation, Seventh chords & Chord symbols. Please consider downloading a copy and supporting our channel here:

00:00 Introduction

02:50 The “Core” Intervals

03:48 Circle of Fifths, Major & Minor 3rd

4:37 Building Triads

06:12 The “Other” Intervals

09:11 Forming Seventh & Sixth chords

18:33 Summary & Conclusion

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