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My IDEAL Piano Practice Routine (60 minutes)

Here's a practice session for 60 minutes which works really well for my Piano Routine. Hope this routine works for you! Try it out and let me know in the comments!

I always start with 15 minutes of Creative Playing which is freestyle and improvised but keeping an eye on the opportunity where a spark to a new song or riff could be generated. This is an organic process (no planning!) (15/60)

Then I set aside 10 minutes to do an exercise that challenges me as I'm right "in the Zone" at this point. In this session, I'm learning Thirds! (10/60)

I then move back to something both creative and technically grueling at the same time by trying to play a popular piece of music that comes to my mind at the time on all 12 keys. Sometimes I even transpose to a minor scale, Dorian or Mixolydian mode! (15/60)

I then have 10 more minutes assigned to another exercise, in this case working on something different like Spread Chords (Open Voicing) (10/60)

Lastly, I spend about 15 minutes playing some of my compositions just to stay in touch and prepare for future recordings. Sometimes, this is at random but is really helpful in my journey as a musician.

00:00 Creative Piano Improvisation (15 minutes)

15:00 Exercise 1 - Practice Thirds in Closed & Open Position

23:15 Song on Multiple Keys (It is well with my Soul)

38:10 Exercise 2 - Left Hand Chord Workout with Spread Voicing

48:17 Practicing some of my songs

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