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Practice Chord Inversions, Rhythm Patterns & Hand Independence ALL AT ONCE on the Piano

Download the Notation and all my handwritten notes for this lesson and every other tutorial on YouTube - https://www.patreon.com/posts/63071632 (Support us on Patreon) Practice this Piano exercise for Chord Inversions using arguably the most popular chord progression ever - I vi ii V. Truly master every possible inversion shape (root, 1st & 2nd) and learn how to change chords in the most efficient way possible. Exercise is recommended for students who want to properly master their triads!

00:00 Performance

00:16 Goals for the lesson

02:05 The chords and their inversions

07:01 Arpeggios & Block Chords

11:10 Left Hand Bass considerations

12:12 Left Hand Bass pattern (Root & Fifth Toggle)

13:19 Improvising the Rhythm

14:15 Revision & Conclusion

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