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Practice Piano Scales with Parallel, Contrary & Similar Motion Exercises

Download notes, staff notation & MIDI for the entire lesson on our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/67713469

In this Piano lesson for beginners, we cover all forms of two-handed scale practice - Parallel, Contrary & Similar motion. We use A major & E harmonic minor for variety and learn the correct fingering and posture to play these scales on the Piano with both hands. Also covered are methods to remember your scales (piano worms) and practice them with the correct dynamics (accents)

00:00 Performance

00:25 My approach to learning scales

01:33 Major & Harmonic Minor

03:42 Exercise 1 - A major parallel scale exercises

06:30 Posture tips

08:27 Exercise 1 - E harmonic minor parallel scale exercises

09:07 Piano worms

10:25 Strengthen the weaker fingers with accents

13:19 Contrary Motion

15:12 Parallel & Contrary Motion Combo

19:16 Similar 1 - Thirds in the right hand

22:40 Similar 2 - Thirds in the left hand

26:40 E harmonic minor in similar motion

28:57 Conclusion

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