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Proper Piano Posture & How to Play Staccato with ✨ Flicking & Trampoline Techniques 🤸🎵🎹

📚 Support us on Patreon for just 5$ a month and receive many perks: https://www.patreon.com/posts/proper-piano-how-88125211 In this detailed Piano tutorial, we look at the best technique to play Staccato with Melody and Chords. As we go through the lesson, you will learn the correct posture with a mention of the role of each body part during a Piano performance - Shoulders, Back, Forearm, Tricep, Wrist & fingers. We study the importance of wrist flexibility and how it can help develop the best possible staccato technique with minimal pain and maximum speed. Make sure to follow to the end of the lesson where we look are real-world environments to practice staccato along with Legato, Turns, Flams, Grace Notes & Ghost in the Bass


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