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Suspended vs Add Chords vs Extensions (9, 11, 13) on the Piano

In this Piano and Music Theory tutorial, we compare and contrast suspended, and add chords and jazz extensions (tensions) with a variety of examples and improvisations. The lesson also covers the detailed music theory behind these chords and how you can use them in your songwriting and piano journey!

Download all the lesson notes on our Patreon (including past and future tutorials) -

00:00 Performance

00:31 Introduction

01:48 Triads rundown

02:16 Suspended 4 chord Sus4

03:28 Suspended 2 chord Sus2

05:19 Changing the Bass

06:36 Other Suspended chords

09:12 Add 2 & Add 4 chords

13:04 Amazing Grace with Add chords

15:29 Add 6 chords (Major & Minor)

17:10 Lydian & Phrygian vibes

17:32 Difference between Add & Sus chords

18:30 Chord Extensions (9, 11 & 13)

22:51 Conclusion

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