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The ALL IN ONE Finger Exercise for Piano

I've composed a fun 6 bar melody for an awesome Piano workout. We work on our hand independence, chord shifting, finger crossing, pivots practice, triplets study, and beat subdivision. The exercise was demonstrated on F major and G major scales.

Staff Notation & my handwritten notes on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/65578135

00:00 Performance

00:16 Introduction

03:39 Let’s learn F & G Major Scales

05:23 Melody Line 1 on F Major

09:17 Left-Hand Chords

11:13 Rhythm Variations for Left Hand

12:06 Next 4 bars (Melody)

18:39 Simplified Version for Left Hand Harmony

20:15 Tips on correct fingering and posture

21:56 Played really slow

23:06 Exercise on G Major

26:50 Practicing on the Minor keys


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