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The Left Hand Piano Arpeggio for ANYTHING!

This Left Hand Arpeggio Pattern will give you a rock-solid foundation on the Piano for anything you wish to express in the Right Hand. We use an amazing chord progression and learn inversions for smooth voice leading. The progression is taken from the Amélie Piano Theme - Comptine d'un autre été. And then there is a bonus! We will look at 5 methods to improvise a beautiful melody in the Right Hand and develop your independence and musical ear. A long lesson but worth the watch to help you with your Piano playing!

00:00 Performance

00:57 Introduction

03:17 The 4 chords - Em G Bm D

04:02 Forming Piano Chord Inversions

05:58 The Arpeggio Pattern (LHMH)

09:12 Melody Improvisation - Chord Tones

11:56 The minor scale origins

12:34 Minor Pentatonic Improvisation

14:57 Call & Response (Sing & Play)

17:11 Melodic Patterns & Shapes

18:52 The Amelie Piano Theme

19:35 Section A

20:44 Section B (Chord Tones)

21:58 Section C (Accented Arpeggios)

23:41 Revision of the lesson 25:40 Improvisation


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