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Learn how to use Modes on the Piano using just a single chord - Major or Minor. We use intervals and triads to generate the sounds of the modes we commonly deal with as musicians. Learn how a single chord can be used to support a variety of scales that can be used in parallel or modal interchange. Sometimes, we don’t necessarily need to learn the mode before we compose music. We could just start with one or two chords and derive a mode or a scale from there!

00:00 Performance

00:45 Introduction The C major exists in so many Scales!

1:07 What constitutes a “Modal” sound?

7:35 Using Diatonic “Thirds” to develop a Modal sound

11:27 Using Diatonic “Triads” to develop a Modal sound

12:03 What is an “Exotic” flavour?

13:49 Using the Phrygian Dominant Scale

15:20 Modal Textures for the Minor Chord

15:45 Exploring the Dorian Scale/Mode

20:01 A “Theatric” sound using Modal thirds!

22:11 Revision

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