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The MOST NATURAL technique to make great Melodies - NO FANCY THEORY NEEDED!

I've recorded 5 Melodic and 5 Rhythmic patterns (Video & Notation) on our Patreon page. This should hopefully be a jumpstart for you to make some awesome music right now with catchy rhythmic phrases! After working on mine, you can create your own!

► Visit here:

In this composition lesson, you will learn how to

* Create a percussion pattern with your voice anywhere!

* Choose a scale and improvise to create a rememberable motif

* Develop a pattern around the motif and play it everywhere. Let’s focus on I IV V & vi

* Static pattern with floating Left Hand

* Floating pattern with following Left Hand

00:00 Introduction

2:03 Making a rhythmic melody

7:58 Breaking down the melody

9:32 Working on the left hand

12:08 Building patterns

14:57 Recap

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