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The POWER of INTERVALS for Piano Chord Progressions

Download our booklet on Patreon for this lesson and all others in the past and future: https://www.patreon.com/posts/63400786 Using nothing but Intervals and the Circle (Cycle) of Fifths (Fourths) we take our chord progressions and technique to the next level with a Piano exercise revolving around linking major & minor triads. We cover all the relevant Music Theory concepts and the movie theme-like connections between chords which make our practice time on the Piano inspiring and creative!

00:00 Performance

00:26 Preparation

01:07 Introduction to the Lesson

02:48 p5 & p4 using the Circle of Fifths

4:46 Chords with Circle of Fifths

10:00 Minor Triads with Minor Thirds & Improv

12:33 Major Triads with Minor Thirds & Improv

14:31 Other Diminished 7th Families

15:31 Triads with Major Thirds Skipping & Improv

18:06 Revision

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