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The Suspended Chord ROLLERCOASTER (Piano/Songwriting/Music Theory Tutorial)

In this Piano & Music Theory tutorial, we look at the impact of Bass harmony over a simple suspended chord and also the important difference between Sus4 (Suspended 4th), Sus2 (Suspended 2), and 7Sus4 (Quartal chords)

📚 Download my handwritten notes for this lesson which include the Theory of all topics covered: https://www.patreon.com/posts/66702901

00:00 Performance

00:32 Introduction

01:32 Sus4 (Suspended 4th)

01:55 Inversions of Suspended Chords & Quartals

04:33 How the Bass changes the Harmonic Flavour

05:03 Exploring the Left bass possibilities

10:17 The impact of Suspended Chords

11:09 Bass Progression using Suspensions

11:43 Sneaking in cluster notes (phat voicing)

12:22 Line Cliche Movements

13:42 Exploring the Right Hand (Motifs)

14:45 Revision of the Tutorial

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