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VOICING the 2-5-1 Chord Progression on Piano

Download Jason Zac's 15-page downloadable PDF copy of the 2-5-1 Jazz Piano Chord Voicing lesson as well as the whole series and help support our channel: It will be a good guide to supplement your learning.

Learn the 2-5-1 jazz chord progression as part of our series on Beginner Jazz Piano. In this lesson, we look at how to voice the 2 5 1 progression with a simple but dense harmonic technique using open voicing.

00:00 - Performance

00:32 - Introduction & Lesson Goals

01:42 - Forming the 2-5-1

02:34 - The need for proper “Voicing”

02:57 - Forming the Intervals

03:58 - Open Voicing technique for 2-5-1

09:18 - Another Open Voicing possibility

10:59 - Minor 2-5-1

14:14 - How to Practice the Exercise properly

14:30 - Conclusion

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