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Foundation Course

Our free course on the fundamentals of music theory is an essential key to understanding music. No matter what your musical destination, music theory and ear training are the one and only pathways to get there. Take this course to make sure you have a strong basic foundation of music.



  • Notes in Music

  • Major Scale

  • Minor scales

  • Pentatonic & Blues

  • Introduction to Ragas

  • Circle of Fifths

  • Transposition

  • Theory of Intervals

  • Note Values, Staff Notation & working with notation sofware

Ear Training

  • Melodic Curves

  • The Sound of Intervals

  • Understanding Swaras

  • Melodic & Rhythmic Transcription

  • Computing the scale of a song by ear

Chords and Harmony

  • Triad Formation & Classification

  • Building chord progressions using Functional Harmony

  • Chord Trees

  • Song Structure

  • The Blues


  • Music Blocks

  • Bars, Beats, Sub-Beats & Time Signature

  • Konnakol Basics

  • Afro-Cuban Rhythms (Claves & Tresillo)

  • Rhythmic Devices

  • "Time Feels" - Eighth Notes (Straight/Swing), Triplets & Sixteenth Notes

  • The Rhythm Grid and Transcription
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