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Foundation Course

Rs. 20000

All it takes is a dainty instrument and a wispy bow to come in contact for some melodious hooks. Since its birth in the 16th century; the cry of a fiddle has managed to touch, and sympathise souls through generations. From Nicolo Paganini and Pablo De Sarasate to Lindsey Stirling, David Garet and Bryson Andres. They evolved phrases of the violin to bind people with their incomprehensible emotions through music. Fingering, Posture formation and bowing forms are techniques to be followed to reach their kind of majesticity. This instrument is involved in genres like Western Classical, Jazz, Country and Bluegrass. With a strong base, commitment, determination and enthusiasm, we will aid your experience of expressing yourself through the violin.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to

  • Understand the role of violin in music

  • Use correct posture and finger placement

  • Play rhythms

  • Use techniques to improve your skills

  • Understand music theory and train your ears



  • Learning and relaxing into the posture

  • Playing an open string with a longbow

  • Playing a rhythm

  • Placing fingers on the strings

  • Learning basic finger positioning on strings

Instrumental Techniques

  • Playing simple melody

  • New and more complex finger positionings

  • Slurs with scales, arpeggios and melodies

  • Introducing 4th finger

  • Introducing minor scales and arpeggios

  • Harmonic & melodic finger positioning


  • Pizzicato, Bowing Techniques and Dynamics (staccato, legato, dynamics)

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