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(10-Class Cycle)

You will grasp diverse techniques under topics like Major & Minor Scales, Melody & Harmony, Rhythm & Ear Training. These are skills that help you grow in all aspects of music. On completion, you will not only be able to apply these modules to identify them in existing songs but also understand why you need them, learn tricks to remember, and play them of course!

All topics covered will include weekly assignments to help fine-tune your understanding of the concepts. They will also revolve around real-world musical examples and are open to material of your recommendations


Scale Theory

  • Forming and applying the Major Scale using multiple approaches

  • Circle of Fifths

  • Minor Scales, Blues, Pentatonic and scales from other cultures

  • Transposition


  • Melodic vs Harmonic  Perfect, Diatonic and Chromatic

  • Inversion of Intervals

  • Ear training to appreciate and recall intervals

  • Upper third and Lower third usage in harmony

Chord Theory

  • Diatonic Triad Formulation

  • Classification of Chords by emotion

  • Implementing popular chord progressions

  • Visual recognition of chords

  • Chord Inversions

  • Rules of Harmonization

  • Voicing and SATB (4 part Harmony)

  • Composing Harmony given the Melody

  • Composing Melody given the Harmony

  • Blues Form

  • Basics of Voicing

  • Circle of Fifths for Harmony


  • Meter, Beats and Sub-Beats

  • Accenting and Syncopation

  • Tied Notes and Rests
    Putting it all together


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