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INR 20000 / USD $420

Music Method is our flagship 4-month graded certificate course, aimed at helping you learn your favorite Western and Hindustani Instruments and Vocals at your current skill level (beginner to advanced.) You will not only be able to master Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Violin & Trumpet but also gain a thorough understanding of Music Theory, Ear Theory, and Composition.

Music Method is one of our several virtual modules that primarily work towards guiding you in becoming the passion-driven musician you are set to be. During the course, regular assignments, tests, and feedback will be provided to finetune your skills.


INR 2,500 / USD $55

Crafted for budding musicians on the lookout for immersive and interactive sessions that consistently help them excel as artists, our Music Gym aims at practising the art in a three-dimensional manner. We will simultaneously focus on all prime musical skills like Technique, Ear Training & Theory. 

At a glance, Music Gym will include:

  • A weekly creative exercise focussing on all-round technique

  • Essential Music Theory, Technique, Ear Training, Rhythm Practice, Improvisation, and Composition

  • Chord Practice

  • Staff Notation workouts

  • Song learning of various artists & genres

  • Lifetime access of session recordings and notes

Sheet Music
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INR 10,000 / USD $210


INR 1,200  / USD $55

Crafted for all passionate learners of music to acquire life-long skill-sets, the online Musicianship course is designed to help you grow in every aspect of music. Covering 10 lessons across one module over a 3-month period, you will learn Music Theory 🎼, Piano Technique 🎹, Composition, and a lot more!


By grasping diverse techniques under topics like Major & Minor Scales, Melody & Harmony, Rhythm & Ear Training, our sessions look to aid you in your journey towards becoming an “all-round musician.” On completion, you will not only be able to apply these modules to identify them in existing songs but also understand why you need them, learn tricks to remember, and play them of course! 


All topics covered will include weekly assignments to help fine-tune your skills. They will also revolve around real-world musical examples and are open to material of your recommendations as well. Limited spots available. 

If you are looking to master techniques that will remain essential throughout your journey as a musician- in just one 90-minute session, then look no further! From Music Theory- Chords & Scales to Improvisation, our workshop has got the excelling artist in you covered. Right from the comfort of your homes, Jason Zac from Nathaniel School of Music will guide you through imperative lessons like Ear Training, Rhythm Patterns, Improvisation and Composition. 

Our lessons are conducted via Zoom and students can easily access all of our recordings as well as hand-written notes. 

Terms & Conditions

By signing up for any of our courses/workshops, you need to understand that all payments are non-refundable & non-transferrable

In some cases, you can request installment payment plans (if you can't clear the payment in one shot) and need some more time

In case of a serious emergency, we can move/transfer your course to an upcoming batch

Bills are generated with taxes (GST) at the payment gateway. Please be aware of the same. There may also be a small fee charged by the payment gateway

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