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Nathaniel School of Music has been constantly getting students to rock the stage for over 12 years now with our graded performance-based course, “Music Method”. Learn at your own pace and skill level with our 6-month learning semester.

We’ve been doing online lessons for almost 3 years now and continue to go strong with students from 15+ nations. So if you are not from Bangalore at the moment, you can avail of the same course, now 6 months long from the comfort of your home and wherever in the world you are currently placed!

However, if you are from Namma Bengaluru and want to do what Nathaniel does best - performing concerts on stage, then look no further! Music Method is back with new centers around the city with rehearsals and concerts like before!

You have a lot of options to learn your instruments along with Music Theory & Ear Training. You can learn with us at any skill level and there are a lot of customized options tailored to your musical goals!

You should check out some Guitar lessons made by our faculty:

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Foundation Course

Whether you’re a complete beginner experiencing guitar strings on your fingertips for the first time; or whether you taught yourself how to play a few chords/songs over the internet, the foundation guitar course is perfect for you. From learning how to hold your first guitar and tuning it to being able to strum chords and pull off a few popular songs; we will make sure that you step out from Nathaniel into the world equipped with the guitar playing skills you’ve always dreamed of.

Intermediate Course

If you are aware of most basic concepts, you could qualify for the advanced course after completing an audition. If you already play for a band and are looking to do music professionally, this course will help you fine tune your skills. The course will also be customized to suit your playing style. Gear up and get ready to learn about chords and scale relationships. Learn more styles of music like finger-picking, blues, and country. We’ll also teach you cool techniques to help you rock solos

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