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Foundation Course

🇮🇳 Rs. 20000 / 🌎 420$

Whether you’re a complete beginner experiencing guitar strings on your fingertips for the first time; or whether you taught yourself how to play a few chords/songs over the internet, the foundation guitar course is perfect for you. From learning how to hold your first guitar and tuning it to being able to strum chords and pull off a few popular songs; we will make sure that you step out from Nathaniel into the world equipped with the guitar playing skills you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re a songwriter, we course will mould you into a composer waiting to erupt inside you.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to

  • Tune your own guitar and use fancy accessories!

  • Identify notes on the fret-board

  • Play cool rhythm patterns, melodies, and chords.

  • Play chords in different unique ways

  • Compose your own songs!

  • Train your ears and master the basics of musical concepts

  • Read Guitar Tabs and play anything you ever wish to all by yourself!

  • Unleash the rock star in you by learning techniques such as alternate picking, and power chords!

  • Play all your favourite songs and strum away to your heart’s content! (We’ll teach you all the basic chord progressions)



  • Tuning your instrument and guitar care

  • Posture

  • Using accessories like capo, picks and tuners

  • Identifying notes on the fretboard


  • Finger exercises

  • Patterns to help you build strength and flexibility.

  • Practice with a metronome

  • Strumming patterns and rhythm exercises to help build a good rhythm sense


  • Essential music theory including scales, chords and intervals

  • Reading and understanding Tabs and Chord charts

  • Learning popular songs. We also train your ears to pick up the songs on your own

  • Jamming skills. Playing with multiple musicians at the same time.

  • Understanding and applying the Circle of fourths/fifths

  • Diatonic Harmony and its usage and application in music


  • Usage of Power Chords

  • Basics of alternate picking

  • Pentatonic, blues scales and Dominant 7ths

  • Popular chord progressions- 12 bar blues and its usage

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