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Music Method

Music Method is our flagship graded-certificate course, aimed at helping you learn your favorite instruments and Vocals at your current skill level (beginner to advanced.) It is one of our several modules (conducted both online & offline) that primarily guides you in becoming the passion-driven musician you are set to be, as well as equipping you with the skill sets required to progress your technique and confidence.


You will not only be able to master Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass & Vocals but also gain a thorough understanding of Music Theory, Ear Theory, and Composition. During the course, regular assignments, tests, and feedback will be provided to finetune your skills. The course also equips you with all the skills required to play on-stage in just 6 months! 

Workflow & Topics Covered:

The course is conducted over a 6-month semester split into diverse modules. Our exercises and techniques are a mix of known standards as well as customized ways of improving your agility, flexibility, control, and strength to get the best tone out of your instrument.

Piano players, guitarists and drummers will focus additionally on the independence of limb movement. Vocalists will not just sing and hit notes, but also focus on developing a rich tone of voice, clarity, and correct diction with words and voice projection.

At the intermediate and advanced stages, you’ll learn licks, patterns, and exercises that are more genre-specific. Your ability to use your instrument in various settings will be explored, and more technical aspects, both general and instrument-specific, will be discussed at length.

Instruments you can choose from:

Vocal courses you can choose from: 

  • Western

  • Hindustani Classical

  • Bollywood

You can choose to learn Offline at any of our centres in Bangalore or Virtually (Online)

via our private student platform from the comfort of your home!

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