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Foundation Course

Our free course on the fundamentals of music theory is an essential key to understanding music. No matter what your musical destination, music theory and ear training are the one and only pathways to get there. Take this course to make sure you have a strong basic foundation of music.

Music Theory is important for any musician. Firstly, the ability to communicate ideas between musicians becomes simpler to do with one common language of notation. Secondly, a vast knowledge of music theory broadens and sharpens your skills as a composer. We will realize that after studying the theory of music, we enter into a huge world of permutations and combinations of notes, rests, chords, beats, sub-beats and amazingly enough, all of them sound really cool and remind us of songs we have heard before, innovations or an entirely new musical creation.


Intermediate Course

Intermediate Course


Crafted for all passionate learners of music to acquire life-long skill-sets, the online Musicianship course is designed to help you in your journey towards becoming an “all-round musician.” Covering 10 lessons across one module over a 3-month period, you will learn Music Theory, Piano Technique, Composition, and a lot more!

Advanced Course

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