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Intermediate Course

Rs. 20000

In music played by modern bands across genres, the drums have come to form the backbone of the music – setting time and holding down the foundation over which other melodic elements can be structured. In addition to his musical duties, the task of the good drummer in today’s popular styles ranges from giving the band a focal point during a live performance and driving the energy of the band with the sheer physicality of his instrument. And even though, the drum kit is primarily regarded as a keeper of rhythm, it is capable of unlimited tonal and rhythmic shading.
The advanced drum course will help you refine your drumming skills. You will be introduced to advanced techniques such as fourway independence, and double bass drumming.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to

  • Create your own beats

  • Gain four way independence

  • Enhance your musical sense

  • Play advanced grooves and time signatures.


Skills and Concepts

  • Concepts of double bass drumming

  • Take first steps towards 4-way independence, further enhancing your physical reflexes and mental alertness

  • Learn the Rudiments by listening to, and being able to play the finer points of songs more precisely and musically

  • Enhance your music sense and also figure out beats on your own

Beat Creation

  • Play common beats & patterns and develop the confidence to innovate and come up with your own beats

  • Learn to create your own beats and groove with other musicians

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