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A riff is a short composition of music, typically produced over a piano piece. Various other instruments such as drums, bass, guitars, and sometimes even vocals are added to the recorded piano to produce a loop, which we call a riff.


A new riff is produced and released every day. So basically, you get 365 riffs for 365 days!


We are selling the riffs along with backing tracks and MIDI files so that you can make it your own - learn to play the riff, record over it, or simply learn music production. It’s all up to you.

What is a riff?

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Jason Zachariah is a Bangalore-based musician who plays the piano/keyboard, bass, assorted percussion, and horns. He heads the team at Nathaniel Production House which records, arranges, mixes, and masters music for various artists, bands, corporates, and AD agencies. He is a two-time winner of the ‘Rolling Stone India” award for ‘Best Keyboardist’.

About the composer

What you will gain from the tracks

In each and every riff, we offer you the riff’s backing tracks and its MIDI files. The backing tracks are individual tracks of each and every instrument used to produce the riff. You can import these backing tracks to your DAW and record over them, or use them as you like. You can even remove any track you wish to and play with it as you like.


The MIDI file is the master mix of the entire riff, encoded with the tempo and time signature of the riff. Once you import it into your DAW, you could listen to the riff and use it as you like. You could also load the MIDI file into software supporting MIDI formats, like Synthesia, and learn to play the piano arrangement used to make the riff. 

Pricing Plans

You can buy the Riffs Backing Tracks from us by opting for any of the following:


  1. Monthly Subscription Plan at $10 - This plan allows you to download and use any of the riff produced in the month that you are subscribed.

  2. Yearly subscription Plan at $99 - You can download and use any number of riffs you like in the period of a year you are subscribed to. 

  3. Private lesson at $75 - You can book a private lesson with our faculty, Jason Zac so that you can learn to play and produce the entire riff. The lesson lasts for 45 minutes.


Access to my backing tracks, MiDi files, and stems. Just drag and drop them in your DAW and jam along to my tracks.


    Every month
    • Backing Tracks
    • MIDI files
    • DAW Ready to Import

What's in the folder?

The downloadable folder of the riff consists of two folders-

One folder consists of the individual instrumental tracks of all the instruments used in the production of the riff. You can play with the individual tracks as you wish.


The second folder contains the MIDI file of the riff. The MIDI file can be imported into any software supporting MIDI so that you can learn to play it, record over it, or anything you wish.

Who are these riffs for?

These riffs are made for anyone who is interested in music. Music lovers learning to play the piano could use these riffs to learn from - especially the MIDI files - or even to gather inspiration from. Budding music producers and musicians could use these riffs to create new music or learn music production. 

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