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Foundation Course

🇮🇳 Rs. 20000 / 🌎 420$

The Beginner Piano/ Keyboard course is aimed at complete beginners, music industry pros, producers, songwriters, DJ’s, electronic musicians and Classical piano students. The main aim here is to generate a fair level of comfort on your instrument after 16 weeks at Nathaniel. If you have been playing for a while, this course will still help you to build up core concepts, start composing and play with a band. 

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to

  • Understand and recognize notes on the keyboard

  • Play different rhythm patterns, melodies, and chords.

  • Gain independence between two hands while playing

  • Compose songs

  • Train your ears and understand the foundational concepts of music.

  • Gain knowledge about various techniques of playing the piano like arpeggios, broken chords,  chord inversions and dynamics.



  • We prepare ourselves to learn one of the most diverse instruments in history by figuring out what it can and cannot do, along with all the tools essential to being a solid piano/ keyboard player. We’ll start by understanding and recognising the notes in music and on the Piano.

Role of the Keyboard

  • Demonstrating Melody, Harmony and Rhythm

  • Exploring the range

  • Evolution with Technology

  • Use of the keyboard in Multiple Genres

  • Song composition

Understanding the skills required to play

  • Independence (Finger and Hand)

  • Finger Strength

  • Mind to finger transfer

  • The approach to making music on the piano

  • Physics and Mathematics basics related to sound and music

  • Ear Training

  • Music Theory and Notation


  • Note Recognition Exercises

  • Playing the piano and singing

  • Posture and 5 Finger Exercises for Left and Right Hand  to build up agility, flexibility, strength, speed and control

  • 5th Chord Exercises

  • Adding Grooves to the 5th Chord

  • Adding Chords in the Left Hand

  • Spider Exercises

  • Czerny and Hanon classical exercises

  • Crossing over exercises


  • Posture rules

  • Composing and Transcribing melodies on different signatures

  • Staccato and Laccato

  • Playing scales

  • Chord playing techniques using full, broken chords and arpeggios

  • Practicing chord inversions

  • Basic styles and progressions on the piano: Rock n Roll, Blues, Country, Reggae, Waltz and Ballads

  • Developing independence of hands

  • Working with accents and syncopated phrases

  • Playing melodic and rhythmic patterns via notation and grid-based approach

  • Playing with Dynamics

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