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10 Piano Rhythm Patterns to PROPERLY PRACTICE Chord Inversions

In this lesson, we go through 10 Piano rhythm patterns to practice all your chord inversions (for Major or Minor triads). We use a variety of techniques that will train your ear, rhythmic phrasing, hand independence, and even improve vocal ability!

We start with the basics and formation of Inversions - Root, 1st Inversion & 2nd Inversion and let look at a variety of rhythmic patterns to practice the three positions of the chord in a creative & exciting manner. The exercises include Block Chords, Broken Chords & Arpeggios for all skill levels. Have fun with the 10 exercises!

00:00 Performance

00:19 Introduction to the Tutorial

01:51 Block Chords & Inversions Basics

05:01 Oom-Pah!

06:21 Waltz

07:40 Broken Chords

09:39 Arpeggios Triplets

11:26 Arpeggios over 3/4

13:43 Tresillo

14:53 Charleston

16:18 Dual-speed Arpeggios

19:30 Floating Inversions

22:14 Advanced Practice of Chord Inversions

21:19 Conclusion


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