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3 CREATIVE ways to Improvise and Practice PENTATONIC Scales

In this lesson, we learn 3 techniques (+ one bonus!) to improvise and create music using the Pentatonic Scales. We first learn the Theory of the Major Pentatonic scale and the Minor Pentatonic scale and then look at three approaches to practice, composition, and improvisation: 1) Left Hand Bass Exploration 2) Improvisation with Singing 3) Pentatonic Licks (sets of 3) 4) BONUS - Bass Riffs Please head over to https://www.patreon.com/jasonzac for all of Jason's handwritten notes for this lesson (as a downloadable PDF) as well as all other lessons in the past which have been documented

00:00 - Performance 00:36 - Introduction & Lesson Goals 02:25 - The Major Pentatonic Scale (Theory)

04:33 - The Minor Pentatonic Scale (Theory) 06:02 - Major Pentatonic LH Bass Exploration (I iv IV V)

08:28 - Minor Pentatonic LH Bass Exploration (I VIb VIIb V)

10:15 - Improvisation over Minor Pentatonic with Singing

11:40 - Improvisation over Major Pentatonic with Singing

12:39 - Building Pentatonic Licks (patterns of 3)

14:33 - Creating Bass Riffs

16:49 - Revision & Conclusion

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