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4 Left Hand Piano CHORD PATTERNS for Beginners

Here's a detailed tutorial of 4 left hand piano chord patterns for beginners to accompany a melody on the Piano. Also, learn how to choose chords for a given melody and learn the most organic way to develop your hand independence. The lesson is designed for beginners (under 1 year on the Piano), however, it could be a great refresher and eye-opener for those who already play and are familiar with triads/chord theory. Download all Jason's handwritten notes for this lesson: https://www.patreon.com/posts/33329724 ► Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/jasonzac 00:00 - Performance 01:52 - Learn the Theory and how to play 3 important chord voicings on the Piano - Tonic, Dominant & Sub-Dominant 08:45 - Learn 4 incredible Left-hand piano chord patterns that can be used to play a variety of music: Arpeggios | Oom Pah! | Waltz | Salsa 15:05 - Play any popular melody in the Right hand using these accompaniments 18:14 - Learn how to properly choose chords based on the Melody/Tune 26:19 - Improve your control over the Piano by developing your independence while singing the melody 28:32 - Learn all the Theory behind choosing the chords and also change the Melody to other scales like Minor 30:09 - Use all this information to play your favorite songs. Start off by watching Jason play and teach you all the songs you love the most https://www.patreon.com/jasonzac - PDF Study Guide to everything covered in the YouTube Lesson - Goto Chords and Patterns for the Left Hand - Video Presentation of each song played by Jason - Normal Speed and Slow Speed - Staff Notation of all the popular songs taught


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