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5 Finger Piano Exercises for Beginners DESIGNED to INSPIRE!

Learn four essential 5 finger exercises for the Piano, designed for beginners. After learning the drills, we then improve our hand coordination with a steady pulse and take the music on an emotional journey using bass variations. We also work on our piano posture and improve our ears with singing. After developing a solid foundation with the exercises, we then displace intervals that were once used for the major scale and then take our music to all sorts of creative dimensions! All through the lesson, we focussing on solid rhythm by understanding eighth notes, triplets, the pulse, and beat division.

In short, I’ve developed this lesson to hopefully show you that 5 finger exercises can be creative and even used in melody-making ventures!

00:00 Performance

00:23 Introduction & the Plan

03:18 Exercise 1

04:43 Using the Left-Hand Pulse

05:26 Exercise 2

07:20 Exercise 3

09:32 Exercise 4

10:43 Recap of the 4 finger drills

11:01 Piano Posture

11:41 The Journey of the Left Hand

13:03 Sing & Play

14:17 Intervals & their permutations

15:20 Exploring permutations between 3rds (Minor)

17:20 Exploring permutations between 3rds & 4ths

20:47 Exploring permutations with the Minor 2nd (b2)

22:54 Revision

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